Thursday, January 22, 2009

Gatherings, Presidents and Printers oh my

Well we're offficially off and running on the Ga Spring Fling Gathering 09~! Boy seems like I'm working on this Gathering 24-7. Most items on agenda are lined up so that's a good thing. Agenda is in place, now I feel much better. Working on 1-2 more Vendors, then on to more Goodie Bag and Door Prize items~ Already being contacted by businesses about donating~ Thanks so very much~ Makes my life much easier.

On a personal note, I took some soap pics for the Saponifier mag contest. Didn't really think my soaps were that good, but we'll see~hey, I might actallly send them in too~!

Worked on my Etsy site. At least it's up and running that's a big plus~I had Handszenmotion do my Etsy banner, I'm so happy with it~ now to add products~ Wait, don't I have a website in the same condition? I believe I do. Three stores wanting soap~ Gotta, Gotta, Gotta get the new year going and what happens, printer is out of ink~! ARGH ~! Just ordered more, but it seems to be coming on a slow boat from China~ oh well~it gets here when it gets here.

Watched Obama being sworn in, a great day in history. Michelle really looked lovely. She was the star of the show in my book~ so pretty~! Now I look forward to when we are all REALLY equal and a woman is sworn in as President~! Pres. Obama seems to be a good man and is really concerned for America and her citizens. I truly hope he does make a difference. I'm rooting for him~!

Ok off to more gathering work, then more soaping ~I have new scrub jars just itching to be filled and labeled~ oh wait~ that's right ~ no printer~! EEEEEK~

Later ya'll

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Ga Spring Fling Gathering 09

It's that time of year folks~! April Showers Bring May Flowers and SPRING~!~ When I think of Spring I can't help but think of the Ga Spring Fling Gathering held here in Conyers, GA~! The GSFG is a Soap N Candle Gathering hosted here in the Atlanta area. Many Soapers and Chandlers from all over the country attend giving demos, education and sharing their knowledge of our industry.

It's a wonderful time in Atlanta as well. The Cherry Blossom and Dogwood trees have sprouted beautiful blossoms filling our streets with color. The Azaleas and Jonquils (my favs!) have all bloomed blanketing the ground with their beauty. Mama birds are flying around making their nest to house their young, while the goats and sheep watch their babies running and playing in the pasture, making us all aware Spring has arrived in beautiful Atlanta, GA~ I just can't imagine a more lovely place to be in the South in Spring Time than beautiful HotLanta~

You too can witness this beauty if you're attending the Ga Spring Fling in Conyers, right outside of Atlanta. Please visit our website at: for more information about vendor and attendee signups. Check our advertising rates for our fabulous keepsake booklet and view the list of our wonderful sponsors, prizes, swaps and contest.

Today Jan, 6 2009 is the Official Announcement! Please~ join our Yahoo Group: for updates and to join in on money saving co-ops!

If you only attend ONE gathering this spring, THIS is the one to attend~ See you there in April 09.