Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Alabama Soap Meeting

The Alabama Soap Meeting was held June 12 & 13 and sitting there attending my first thoughts were: I ALWAYS enjoy visiting my soap, candle and goat friends in Alabama! They are a first class group~ It’s one of my favorite gatherings I attend during the year.

The keynote speaker this year was Kelly Bloom, she discussed Trademarking your products. I have found out one of the most important things to do with your products is trademark. She also discussed Good Manufacturing Procedures and the importance of having your products tested. Another interesting point she touched on was having your recipe made (she provided names and addresses of companies that do this type of work for us)at the manufacturers and simply bottling yourself. This is quite handy when you get your first 5000 bottle order and you can have the manufacturer make, bottle and label your products for you~ Very interesting info~!

The Liquid Soap demo by Theda was a Great demo. But Thedas demos are always spectacular~! I cannot wait to make liquid soap. I have never actually seen liquid soap work in a foamer bottle~ I did this weekend~ awesome job Thedabelle~

I am so lotion challenged it’s not funny! Allison Chappell made it simple~ and the lotion recipe she made was incredible. I rubbed it on my DRY, DRY arms, it sunk right in and left my skin soooooooooooooo smooth~ I actually think I have everything I need to make her recipe. I can hardly wait to try to try it out~ gotta wait for this eye to get better ~ but soon, very soon~ Allison has also written an ebook called Soap-Lotion Recipes about lotion making~ check it out when you get a chance~ it's wonderful~

I was in ALL the swaps~ what can I say? I cannot pick a favorite. My goodness, those ladies are all so talented. No wonder the Alabama Soap Meeting is one of my favorite gatherings.

I purchased a new mold from Cumberland Acoustic~ I can hardly wait to make a lovely swirl in this mold~ It is JUST what I needed~ all kinds of goodies will come out of this beauty.

I also managed to get a copy of Zo’s book~ Soap and others Obessions~It is a great book, so much info, so little time.

Also won the CUTEST mold from Mold Market~! OMGoodness~ an Octopus ~ I love him and Judy who did the M&P demo~ gave me instructions on how to make him adorable~! I can hardly wait~ not enough hours in the day~ Judi did an awesome presentation on M&P soaps~ WOW~!

Sandi Garrett is president this year. She and the Alabama gals did a terrific job. I came away inspired and ready to make exciting new products. In fact, shhhhhhhh, I was online today ordering supplies~! I can hardly wait to debut my new ideas~

Now, as to my new LOGO~ from Jennifer at LaDolceDiva~ Why you all are just gonna be pea green with envy when you see it on my packaging~! Shhhhh, she might just show up on my blog soon~!

Until next time………

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ArtsyAllieKat said...

Thanks for the mention, Sindy :). As always, it was great to see and I'm glad you enjoyed the demo!