Friday, June 5, 2009

The Mystery Garden

I warned you didn I? While most people have Victory Gardens~
ours is aptly named the Mystery Garden.

I think the fun of a garden is the chaos ~ I' love a wonderfully layed out, well planned garden but unfortunately at our house that is not the norm~ While I don’t mind sharing~I'm just not hip on letting our woodland friends have it all~! So with that said:

One lovely morning at daybreak I was standing in the bedroom looking out the window finally enjoying the sun coming up over the ridge, when I saw it~! A baby deer caught in our garden fence, hanging upside! Obviously he had tried to jump over the fence to get to the succulent new foods inside that his mother was now enjoying and had somehow gotten stuck ~ it was awful~ I cried and cried and kept pointing to the deer hanging there while my husband Bill and the 2 boys raced down to the garden and were running round and round searching and looking~

WHY couldn't they see it? It was right there~! I just knew I was to late and he was dead~! He was SO still, not even moving each time they ran past him in their haste and panic to find the baby before it was to late! Now the mama deer was LONG gone. Oh the agony and guilt of putting up the fence~! It was an awful trap we had set for that baby~!

Finally my youngest son, Dustin stopeed and said “Mom, is this it?” as he reached over and touched the stiff, still object in the fence~ Sobbing I managed to get out a squeaky YES! He held it up for my inspection. It was a large brown tree BRANCH that had fallen during the heavy storms the night before. Needless to say~ I was embarrassed and it's been a family joke ever since~ (well ok that and the giant turtle, but more on that later, you can only stand so much in one post) But I begged Bill to take the fence down~ I felt like it was a sign from God that we were being selfish~ Well, lesson learned~ NO garden that year~ the deer, bunnies and turtles ATE the whole thing down to the ground within a week~ Bill was NOT happy~ So we came to an understanding~ a compromise as we so often do in our large crazy family~ this year~ a fence~ but we toss the extra's over the fence in the evenings.

I’m afraid I'm going to laugh at our garden this year~ You see, it rained again, really, hard for days after~! I know all the seeds washed away last week after planting~ No telling where the seeds ended up or what is planted where now but we’ll see what comes up and where~ I think I'll enjoy it~ I rather like surprises anyway~ so this will be cool~! A mystery garden is always best, don't you agree? And it fits my Gypsy heritage, wild, free and curiously FUN~!

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